LemonAID Day FAQs

Question: Where can I find information about my LemonAID kit pick-up and drop-off times?
Answer: Please email mproulx@caselgin.on.ca and we will gladly remind you!

QuestionHow do I set up my LemonAID stand?
Answer: Watch our instructional video: COMING SOON

Question: What should I charge for my lemonade?
Answer: We suggest you offer lemonade “By Donation” or “Pay What You Can”. This leaves it open to people who can give different amounts. You are certainly welcome to set a price for your lemonade if you are more comfortable with that approach. You are the boss of your LemonAID stand so the choice is yours!

Question: I have a soccer tournament/dance recital/lunch with Grandma on June 8. Can I set up my LemonAID stand on a different day?
Answer: We suggest you try to set up your LemonAID on Saturday, June 8 because that’s when people are going to be expecting to see your stand and donate. But the stand is yours between when you pick it up and drop it off, so feel free to set it up on the day that works best for you!

Question: What if it rains on Saturday, June 8th?
Answer: If you don’t want rainwater diluting your lemonade, you can set up your LemonAID stand on Sunday, June 9 – our rain date!

Question: How much Wendy’s lemonade concentrate will I receive? How do I make it?
Answer: You will receive 2 x 1Ltr of delicious Wendy’s Lemonade Concentrate with your LemonAID kit. To make it, mix 3 cups of water with 1 cup of concentrate. (with a bit more water if it is too sweet)

Question: Do you provide tax receipts for donations?
Answer: Donations over $10 made to your LemonAID team online will automatically receive a tax receipt. If someone makes a cash donation of $20 or more to your LemonAID stand on June 8, please take their full name, address, phone number, and write down the amount of their donation, and return it with your stand. Elgin Children’s Foundation staff will issue a receipt to the individual the week following Doug Tarry Homes LemonAID Day.

Question: Can I share pictures of my stand on social media?
Answer: We want to see your LemonAID stands! When sharing on social media, be sure to tag us at @Family&ChildrenServicesSt.ThomasandElgin on Facebook. You can also email them to us at mproulx@caselgin.on.ca.

Please ensure that you share pictures of your stand and your children only on your social media. Do not share pictures of other children without permission from other parents.

Question: What are the pick up and drop off times?
Answer: We have set June 6 for the pick-up date, unless your stand is running after  June 8th.  If you would like to change your pick-up time, please email us at mproulx@caselgin.on.ca to let us know.

Pick-up times:

  • Wednesday, June 6 between 9:30am-5:00pm at the F&CS office (99 Edward St)

Drop-off times:

  • Monday, June 10 between 8:30am -5pm at the F&CS office (99 Edward Street, St Thomas)
  • Tuesday, June 11 between 8:30am -5pm at the F&CS office (99 Edward Street, St Thomas)
  • Thursday, June 13 between 8:30am -5pm at the F&CS office (99 Edward Street, St Thomas)

The LemonAid stand and banner must be returned along with all cash received no later than Friday, June 14. Everything else is yours to keep!